An Overview of HLA Income Builder

by Thomas on May 4, 2012

All About HLA Income Builder


Interested in the HLA Income Builder plan as part of your retirement portfolio? Find out the benefits of this wonderful plan and decide if it would be something you will be interested in.
The Hong Leong Income builder is a plan that combines both savings and insurance coverage into one big plan. Firstly, take a look at the schedule below.

HLA Income Builder

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*** This schedule serves for explanation purposes only and may be slightly different from actual schedule. A proper schedule can be drafted for you based on your desired yearly premium amount. ****

A few notable points of this package:

1. Limited Premium Payment Term

For Hong Leong Income Builder, you can choose to pay the yearly premium for a total of either 6, 9 or 12 years. In the above example, it is a 6 years term. This means that you only need to pay the yearly premium of RM10,004 for a total of 6 years and be done with it. For the whole 20 years, you get to enjoy annuity payments (shown as Yearly Payouts*) into your bank account at the end of every year. For those who prefer to retain the money back in the account, you can earn interest (shown as Accumulation Option**).

For those who prefer to prolong the premium payment term, you have the option to choose 9 years or 12 years too. The yearly premium can be changed to an amount you’re comfortable with.

* Yearly Payout includes both Total Guaranteed Yearly Income and Total Accumulated Cash Dividends
** Accumulation Option includes both Total Guaranteed Yearly Income and Total Accumulated Cash Dividends

2. Guaranteed Death or Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

With this plan, you can nominate a beneficiary for unforeseen premature death. This nomination feature can serve as a Will for wealth distribution. The total amount of death or TPD benefits can be up to 6.5 times of the Yearly Premium total. This is what differs from normal savings plans. The added death and TPD protection can give you a peace of mind.

3. Accidental TPD Benefit

In addition to the death and TPD benefits above, there is an extra TPD benefit for TPD case that are accidental in nature. The amount is total of 300% of the Yearly Premium total.

4. Up to 90 Years Old

This policy can be extended up to 90 years of age, as compared to typical insurance plans that has earlier expiry age.

5. Advancement of future Guaranteed Yearly Income

The Advancement of future Guaranteed Yearly Income (GYI) allows the policy holder to apply for an advance payment of the GYI when they have a major events happening. This lump sum advance withdrawal is subjected to approval and can be used for events such as: wedding, child birth, death in family, new house and more.

Plan Your Retirement Early And Consider The HLA Income Builder Plan

I invite you to check out this plan and add it to your portfolio. For more information, do contact us at the form below.

Call Sarah at 014-6690405 or contact us if you are interested to know more about Hong Leong Income Builder. FREE GIFT when you sign up!

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